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7Notes HD iPad App is officially my best friend starting from today. I tried out some different note taking apps for iPad us and I was so disappointed in them that they aren’t even worthy of receiving their names here.

I’m going to let you know what fascinated me so much about 7Notes iPad App. Well I was at a meeting and I was taking notes as usually when I ran out of paper. Then I quickly grabbed my iPad and tried to type my notes but till the first brake my hands were tiered and I lagged back so I started asking around to fill up my notes. Then a miracle happened. A nice person on his name Mark Nelson approached me with an iPad and amazingly he had the entire speech written down not just some lousy notes. I asked him amazed how did he managed to get them all so fast and he let me in on his secret. He was using the 7Notes HD iPad App. Since the conference was about to restart I only had time to go online and get the app myself.

7Notes HD iPad App 7Notes HD iPad App Picture

As soon as I started the app I was amazed to see how easy it is to type with 7Notes HD iPad App help. It almost seemed too easy. Not only that I could type with an ordinary on screen keyboard and get input from the built in dictionary that also has the capability of learning new worlds but this wonderful feature also popped up when I tried the way faster hand writing recognition feature, but due to the HD display of my iPad I was having no problem reading what I was typing.

And the best part is still to come; imagine my face when I found the option to transform my hand writing into digital text and it worked, and trust me I have the worst hand writing you’ve ever seen. I was puzzled completely, happy but in shock! Oh and guess what! With the 7Notes HD iPad App you can post your text on Facebook or on Twitter and you can do this amazing think, you can use airPrint as well.

You can even draw some sketches with 7Notes HD iPad App and the cool think about it is that you can use colors as well. You can even insert pictures, change the background color or insert an image as a background. For the 8.99$ I paid for this app I’m thrilled with what it can do, and I think it’s worth every penny.

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