Air Display is the latest iPad app that Avatron Software developed and it seems to be a great solution for persons that can’t work without their second monitor attached to their pc. Some might think that it’s just for fashion but that is not always the case. Maybe we can’t explain it with facts solid enough for you but if you are a windows user and you finally experience Mac Os you won’t want to go back to windows ever again it’s the tame with the dual display option.

Air Display iPad App Air Display iPad App Picture

So in order to be able to make use of Air Display on your iPad you will have to have Air display desktop installed as well since only by having the program installed on both of your devices you will be able to remotely visualize the content of your desktop pc on your iPad as well. The connection between them is being made trough Wifi networking.

Air Display iPad App Air Display iPad App Picture

Compared to other similar applications the Air Display iPad application shows less lag and no tearing in the images being viewed on the iPad. The format in which you chose to view your pc second screen on your iPad can be either landscape or portrait, and it can be changed with a simple twist or turn of your iPad. While testing the Air Display we noticed some lag issues, issues that might annoy you if you’re trying to play a game on a dual display function which won’t be practical at all due to the lag issues. However if you use the second display to have a web browser in it or to have a drawing extended to it while you work on it there is no mouse lag at all and the general lag is minimal for such applications.

For only 9,99$ you can have the application installed on both your laptop and on your iPad, which will make it a perfect solution for mobile dual display working environments solutions. Although a perfect solution will be one done by cable, that way the lag would be eliminated, the wireless aspect of this app is what makes this the perfect solution for mobility while still bringing the coazy feeling of home wherever you go. Also the Air Display app can be used to extend your display from your pc to your iPhone as well, all you have to do is to install it on your phone for it to work.

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