Beaver’s Revenge Beaver’s Revenge Picture

Beaver’s Revenge is the newest addictive game that you can get for your iPad 2. It is a colorful, entertaining and fun little app that will prove mind blowing once you try it for the first time. The genre of this game is similar to the genre of the most popular game of the phone and tablet market. As a newer and more interesting version of the Angry birds game, Beaver’s Revenge accomplishes with great success everything that the former managed to plus it brings us a new element of entertainment since it allows you to use the projectile of your choice.

You can use different projectiles to toss at the bad lumberjacks that threaten your territory. The items that you can shoot vary from forest critters such as rabbits, beehives, skunks or even fish. Your slingshot is present on the left side of the screen while the lumberjacks are present on the opposite side. Each projectile has a different function and type of use. Just as in Angry Birds you have birds that split up in more birds, or birds that can explode, in Beaver’s Revenge you have fish that fly straight trough the air, rabbits that deliver bombs if they are taped in flight; the funny one is the skunk that releases his stuff if taped while in flight.

Beaver’s Revenge Beaver’s Revenge Picture

You can acquire this entertaining game that Twisted Games released online from the app store under the app name of Beaver’s Revenge. If you enjoyed Angry Birds you will definitely enjoy this version of the game that has a new twist. The game difficulty rises as you go trough the levels.

On the first scenario of the Beaver’s Revenge iPad game you will have to defend the forest you live in by shooting the different projectiles that you have at your disposal at your enemies. Don’t be disappointed if you can’t manage to get them all from your first try. It takes practice to get the hang on how to shoot them.

Beaver’s Revenge Beaver’s Revenge Picture

When you first start the app you will be presented with a short animated intro that will immerse you in the story of the Beaver’s Revenge iPad game. The game is quite challenging since it requires you to take some precision shoots in order to eliminate your enemy. The game is captivating and is guaranteed to make time fly by if you’re not careful. For a game that can be purchased for only 0.99$ it is really a great game that will come to your aid when you have some spare time and you are bored.

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