Recently the famous companies Sony and Phillips have launched a special storage format for computers, called Blu-ray. The purpose of this device was to keep a great amount of video and sound files. If you are curios to find out about the origins of the name, we have to inform you that it was inspired from a special blue-violet laser. This laser diminishes the data and its length is smaller than the one belonging to red lasers for example. In this way the information is stored completely on the disc.

Blu-Ray’s Advantages and Disadvantages Blu-Ray’s Advantages and Disadvantages Picture

One of the advantages for using Blu-Ray is the requirement for less space for storage. The wavelength of the laser is 405 nm and a single device helps you keep 23.3GB with files, whereas a dual one can store almost 46.6GB.
There is a strong competition between the DVDs produced by HD and the ones belonging to Blu-ray. However, until now there has not been made any decision about a possible top.
Think of the economic benefit of using blu-ray. The capacity of storage data is bigger and the quality of the audio and video files is better. The fact that you can storage a great amount of data is also an advantage for the resistance of the disc against scratching.
Now let’s take a look over the disadvantages of blu-ray discs. The first one refers to the high price that you have to pay (almost $1,000), which is a lot more expensive than a normal disc. Using the blu-ray disc you can store 25-27GB, if we are talking about a single one or 54 GB, if we refer to dual-layers. There are some file formats for which this disc has been especially created: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, High Profile AVC, multi-channel audio files or Dolby, PCM and DTS.
In the future, the technology is expected to develop new software and support new formats. Our advice is to keep in touch with the new products of Sony and Philips and don’t forget that a smart investment may seem a little bit too much at the beginning, but the benefits will not delay! You have seen Blu-Ray’s advantages and disadvantages and I think that you are capable of making your own decisions. Don’t make a mistake by refusing this opportunity before having studied it thoroughly! We suggest you to ask for more details to the company or ask a specialist for support!

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