Cloud-Word App for iPad Cloud-Word App for iPad Picture

Cloud-Word App for iPad presents us with a relaxed interface that allows us to easily create, modify and send our text documents trough e-mail with just a few finger movements.

Considering that the graphical representation of the Cloud-Word App for iPad are so childish it is hard to believe and to understand that the main focus of this app is to be used to type text and not to give children another fancy application to toy with.

And to prove to us that it’s not just a bad joke the app places at our disposal a series of text writing features like the glossary, that comes to our aid with every occasion when we need to find something or to even get an acronym.

Cloud-Word App for iPad Cloud-Word App for iPad Picture

With all the testing that we did we didn’t find many impressive thinks to tell you about this app. It is a writing app that has good looks and is able to email the documents that you create to people by just taping a cloud in your Cloud-Word App for iPad.

Cloud-Word App for iPad Cloud-Word App for iPad Picture

The program tries to integrate the sky function as best as it can and it manages to accomplish its designer’s dreams in some measure. It even manages to allow you to listen to music while you utilize any of its features.

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