Action Movie FX Action Movie FX Picture

After years of waiting you can finally be able to recreate Hollywood movie effects with just a few finger gestures.  The Cool iPad 2 App-Action Movie FX is the only application that allows you to do such mind blowing modifications to a video clip that you can take on the spot is simply impressive.

This software is both intuitive and easy to use not to mention that besides the fact that it allows you to utilize video effects it also comes with a list of sound effects to match the video effects.

The app is available from the iTunes store for free, and it comes with not one but two video effects. In order for you to use an effect you must enter the application open the video you want to edit or start recording a new one trough the camera present on the new iPad 2  for which the Cool iPad 2 App-Action Movie FX was designed and then you can apply the selected video effect. You can chose to add just the video effect or both the video effect and the audio effect.

Action Movie FX Action Movie FX Picture

The first effect that is presented to us is the rocket effect that is not a rocket launching into space but actually a missile rocket that explodes on impact.  The minimum video length of the pre – tempered video should be of at least 5 seconds.  The video will be quickly rendered because the entire rocket missile that you are overlapping to the video clip that you are tempering with or that you are filming is pre rendered.

By utilizing the Cool iPad 2 App-Action Movie FX you are guaranteed to obtain some cool video scenes and you will also have a lot of fun with your friends when you show them your creations. But this is not the only effect that the Cool iPad 2 App-Action Movie FX has to offer. In fact the app comes with one more free outstanding video effect and it also has more to share with us in the store at a reasonable price.

Action Movie FX Action Movie FX Picture

The second effect that comes free with the Cool iPad 2 App-Action Movie FX application is a car crash video effect that can easily be implemented in a home – made video and offer you a good scare if used correctly. We tried out both effects for ourselves and we decided that this is a great application to kill some time with.

If you want to find out more bout the other effects that this application can offer you feel free to buy them from the iTunes store and try them out. We’re sure you’ll have a blast.

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