Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad Picture

Dolphin HD Browser iPad app is the newest browsing solution for iPad that looks verry promising compared to the alternative. Although the iPad comes with an integrated browsing solution, the Safari web browser that comes in as the default application seems to lack the tab function that is essential to anyone that likes to browse on more then one webpage at a time.

Mobo Tap has lofty plans for its Dolphin HD Browser iPad app and already pushed some nifty features into this version of the browser app that they developed. Making use of gestures that come natural for an iPad user, the Dolphin HD Browser iPad app poked the competition quite hard with their implementation of tabs and gathered a venture of 10 million dollars in only a few days from its release.

Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad Dolphin HD Browser App for iPad Picture

We took our time and tested the latest iPad web browser and we loved its features. However even though the swiping between different tabs and bookmarks and so on was good we still feel like it needs some improvement. And since Dolphin HD Browser iPad app brought the bar a bit higher for the Safari web browser, the chances are that there will be more browsers to compete for the title of best iPad browser in the days to come, but for that to happen we need the Apple Safari web browser to respond to the challenge that Dolphin HD Browser iPad app placed on the table.

The full screen button less mode that prevents distractions is a bless for the Dolphin HD Browser iPad app especially if you’re trying to read a newspaper or a recipe. The Dolphin HD Browser iPad app which offers us features like the Webzine, a feature that is nothing more and nothing less then a speed dial menu organized in such a way that makes it as easy to read and go trough as an on paper magazine keeps us willing to interact with our iPad and makes us never want to use a different application for web browsing.

For the moment the crown of being the best web browser for iPad goes to the developers of the Dolphin HD Browser iPad app, the Mobo Tap Company that did an excellent job in reinventing the tablet web browsing experience. The ball is now in the Apple court and all they have to do to pick it up is release a new update for their Safari browser that just has to include the same features that the Dolphin HD Browser iPad app has to offer.

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