We all have computers and due to the high development of technology, there appeared some specialized screens called LCD. But it is not enough for the technology to reach a higher standard, because from time to time it may happen to meet certain problems. For example, don’t panic if your computer stucks.

Fix A Stuck Computer Monitor Pixel Fix A Stuck Computer Monitor Pixel Picture

First of all, let me make a picture to you about this issue. You will be easily able to notice a stuck pixel once when the colors will be replaced with other colors or with white. There are a few ways to repair your computer:

  • A black pixel can be destroyed and not stuck and in this case you cannot do anything to get it back.
  • A pixel of another color should be treated this way:
    • Get a substance for cleaning and a piece of cloth and remove the dust on your screen.
    • Look for the resolution of your screen and see whether it needs any modifications. In the case of a Microsoft Windows system, you have to follow this steps: go to Start Menu, Settings, Control Panel, Display, Settings tab and pick whatever you want from that part.
    • Another option is to download UDPixel and install it on your computer.
    • With a stylus you can solve the stuck pixel problem as well, if you use it carefully against the pixel. Monitors in general are quite expensive and I don’t think you are willing to pay some of your extra money for a new one.

As far as I am concerned, I find this problem easy to solve and it should not take too much time. If you have a good computer it’s a pity to let its desktop in damage because of a stuck pixel. It is your right to have a safe computer and to take all the advantages of the investment and if you don’t know how to fix a stuck computer monitor panel you have to learn it as soon as possible.
You never know when your computer gets into trouble and you have to be prepared to act in any moment. Maybe you want to see a movie or to check some photos and a stuck pixel can prevent you from doing what you want. Keep in mind this issue and don’t forget what we have taught you in this article!

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