Anomaly Warzone Earth for iPad Anomaly Warzone Earth for iPad Picture

Anomaly Warzone Earth, is an iPad app dezigned to allow you to have some fun time and to enjoy all the aspects of your iPad or iPas2. This iPad app in particular is a strategy game. You might be able to recognize some of its features such as the ones related to towers and a path going in a serpent path between them.

However this is not an ordinary tower defense game, in fact this is actually the opposite. The Anomaly Warzone Earth, is actually an tower offense iPad app. So now that I manage to capture your attentions let me tell you a few more interesting facts about this game.

If you don’t know what a tower offense type of game is I’ll be glad to draw the basic lines for you. The principle of such a game is the you are suppose to go trough a zone as a convoy or pack of units walking on a predefined path in order to reach your destinations. But here is where Anomaly Warzone Earth, comes with a twist.

Anomaly Warzone Earth for iPad Anomaly Warzone Earth for iPad Picture

This iPad app, when compared to other tower offense game allows you to do something out of the ordinary to win the game. Your goal instead of being to reach a certain destination is to destroy certain towers or all towers depending on the level and on its level of difficulty. And all of this is done while being able to change the path of your convoy any time you want during the game, they will change the way they go as soon as they reach an intersection.

Anomaly Warzone Earth for iPad Anomaly Warzone Earth for iPad Picture

So even though the concept of the game has a twist the Anomaly Warzone Earth iPad app has an exquisite graphic displayed on the retina display of the iPad 2 at the highest resolution. And the sounds are of crystal clear quality as well. The menu of the Anomaly Warzone Earth iPad app is not as generous as you would expect it for a pc or console game but it does allow you to do the basic changes that you might want to make.

Once you start the iPad app you will be able to choose from several vehicles to join your convoy of three which are patrolling a city neighborhood with a search and destroy mission; the invaders being not some extremists but aliens. You will get a set of abilities that you can use during the mission, like repair, an immunity shield that also boost the speed of your units for as long as they are in it, a decoy ability and so on. Another interesting feature is the one that you can change the difficulty level of each mission as you start it.

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