You will automatically diagnose a slow computer by simply turning it on every day. You will notice over time as it starts running slower ad slower. Another way of diagnosing how slow your computer is, it by comparing it to a similar one. You will notice that there is a difference in pc reaction times even between two identical systems where one of them has programs installed and the other one has none. Of course there are programs to diagnose the speed of your pc. 3D Mark is a computer software that appears every year and it tests your pc configuration and then based on the results of the tests it gives a score based on the speed of the pc, and thus determining if you have a slow computer or a fast one.

How to Diagnose a Slow Computer How to Diagnose a Slow Computer Picture

So since as we said before your pc only gets slower the more programs you get on it so when you notice that you have a slow computer the first think you should get doe in order to fix the issue would be to get rid of the excess programs you might be hoarding on your slow computer. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of a piece of software altogether in order to improve the speed of your pc, even thou that would be the ideal solution. You can just get to the task manager and stop some programs that are eating up valuable processing power while they are not even used at that moment.

A great example of such a program would be a messenger program or an antivirus program. After you’ve done so you should run a cleanup program to remove any temporary internet files that might make you get a slow computer.  A good tip when trying to fix any computer problem is to first try out as many software solutions as possible before you go ahead and try to solve the problem trough a hardware solution. The hardware cannot work without the software so it is obvious that a software solution should be the first to be applied. A windows reinstall will usually speed up your machine. However if you can’t make your slow computer any faster by using software it means you need a hardware upgrade. The easiest and most effective way of making a slow computer faster is to get some more RAM which will drastically increase the speed of your pc.

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