I would say that the easiest way to fix a pc is to determinate what’s wrong with it, if you can and replace the broken component with a new one if it fits. You might find it easier to just call in a computer technician to assist you by solving your problem and just pay him and be done with it. But just as well you might find out that you just spent a huge amount of money on a technician that didn’t do more then to blow some air into a fan. New technologies are not always the only solution to increasing the performance of a PC. In most scenarios, a computer works better if it is kept clean.

How to Fix a Computer How to Fix a Computer Picture

Just as important as the software cleanup is the physical cleanup of a computer. Fixing a computer that is showing signs of oldness is done by using a different computer fix compared to one that has some tiredness affected pc. So either you have some electronics knowledge and you’re ready to use it to find a computer fix or you embrace one of the other two options which are call for help or buy something new altogether. There is one more option as well you could keep your computer up to date all the time thus avoiding the need of a computer fix.  I’m sure that you have friends that know how to name all the compute hardware components.

You can find a list of components that are integrated in any computer system in any respected computer manual. There are just a few items that you can safely replace without having to check if they are compatible with your system or without knowing how to fix a computer. Mostly these items are cables like the IDE cable from a hard drive these can brake during time and should be replaced if you see that they are bended to much or if they appear like they are just taken out of an oven.

Coolers are another item that can be replaced easily and without checking to much for compatibility, you only have to make sure it is the right size and that it has a power connector that can be easily plugged either on the motherboard or in a powersuply port. Also peripherals can be changed without to much hassle as well. Those are thinks like a mouse, a keyboard, a scanner or a printer, a webcam, a sound system, microphone, or a joystick all of these can be changed and replaced without any problem by you since they don’t require a degree in electronics to fix a computer. As you can see, computers don’t always require new technologies in order to work better. They just need to be properly maintained.

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