Ever wandered why do you wait for five minutes every time you start your pc? It matters not, I’ll let you know anyhow. Actually let’s find out together. Go to start, run and type in regedit then press enter. You will notice a small program opening up. You might wander what on earth is this, what is it with all these folders and files with funny names. Actually that small program hat opened is the program with which you can alter and bring modifications to the registry of your computer.

How to Fix Computer Registry Problems How to Fix Computer Registry Problems Picture

Why would you want to mess with that you might wander? It is true if you delete the wrong key from the registry your system will crash and fail to work again causing you to lose all your files that don’t have a backup. But what you are looking to do in this program is to delete any keys that refer to a program that was installed on the specific machine but then deleted. Es you’ve guessed the registry is like a journal that takes track of everything that got on and out of a pc.

And every time that a pc starts this program checks if the printer that you owned last year is still there or not till it finds out that it isn’t anymore also the same program keeps track if you ever got skype back or if it remained uninstalled. The fact that the operating system keeps checking the registry for all these items be them software or hardware slows the pc down, and that is the direct result of a computer registry problem. You can manually remove these dormant keys from your registry within the program you opened or by using a specialized program.

Whichever option you chose to use in your quest of fixing your registry problems make sure you save a copy of the registry before you start cutting right and left and you will save valuable time in case you delete a key you shouldn’t by mistake. If you are a beginner in this which you probably are else you wouldn’t be reading this, we recommend you to use a registry cleaner program most of this type of programs can be find on the internet with a free trial that will allow you not only to scan for free bu also fix a few important issues. Make sure you get a program that also allows you to save a copy of your registry not all of them allow you to do so.

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