Almost all of us have a computer or a laptop these days where we store personal documents, files, pictures and many more. Unfortunately, these indispensable tools for our lives come to wear out and crash in time, so we need to repair them in order to get back the work and personal stuff we saved on them. However, if you are not dealing with a computer crash and the only problem with your computer is that it runs very slow, then you should find out more about how to make computer faster.

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To start with, you should know that the more documents, files, movies, pictures and many other related downloads you store on your computer, the more you will make your computer slow down. If you need to know how much hard disk space you have available on your PC, you should click on “My Computer”, then select “Hard Drive” and right click on “Properties”. If this option shows you that your computer’s memory space is mostly full, you need to proceed to deleting some unused programs and unnecessary files. If you choose to delete the documents, programs or files you don’t need anymore on your computer, you will easily speed up your computer for a little (? while). Moreover, you can avoid certain unused programs from starting once you turn on your PC.

The next thing you can do in learning how to make computer faster is to install antivirus and anti-spyware software programs. You should know that the online sites you open while surfing on the Internet and even the documents and pictures you need to download can have various viruses, Trojans and spyware attached. If you are not familiar with the term of spyware, you need to know that this term refers to the software which is used by different companies in order to gather information regarding customer preferences and needs to purchase various products. Basically, spyware comprises Trojans, adware, system monitors and tracking cookies which get installed without your consent into your operating system and slow down your computer. These threats hide within your operating system, which is why they can be difficult to track down and remove. So the best thing you can do is to purchase a professional edition of anti-spyware scan software to keep away these computer threats that also slow down your PC operating system.

Other things which are not less important than the ones mentioned above in how to make computer faster are to defragment your hard drive and add more RAM to your computer in order to have more memory space to save various files and documents.

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There are many things that can cause your computer to wait a couple of minutes before following your commands, and the most commonly known threats are spyware and viruses that hide within your computer operating system and also occupy memory space, so the best thing you can do in learning how to make computer faster is to purchase virus and spyware removal tools and add more RAM.

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