JetstreamHD is an iPad app that is trying to revolutionize the way you get your video and music files form your home pc’s to your iPad. Everyone hates it to have to plug the iPad and to wait and wait for the files to be converted and copied into a viewable format onto your iPad.

But thankfully the JetstreamHD iPad app is here to change that and give you something that you wouldn’t have thought possible. The application itself it serves as a visual interface to manage files and documents stored on your home pc’s and it’s free for download from the app store.

JetstreamHD for iPad JetstreamHD for iPad Picture

You can’t do much with the free app though so you will have to buy the digital hardware for which it was designed in order to get it to work and see what it does. The JetstreamHD hardware that your iPad app has to use is going to act as a bridge between your home pc’s and your iPad or iPad 3G; the connection between it and your device being made trough either Wifi or 3G.

The hardware equipment does an outstanding job when paired with the JetstreamHD iPad app. It manages to stream HD content directly to your device in real time. That means that you won’t have to wait for your files to be converted and not to mention that the files will not occupy any space on your iPad since they won’t be on it at all.

JetstreamHD for iPad JetstreamHD for iPad Picture

So how does this work you’re wandering? It’s not as complicated as you might think. All you have to do is properly set up the hardware needed by the JetstreamHD iPad app correctly and then just enjoy. The hardware is connected to your rooter by a wire and it also plugs in to the electricity grid. Then all you have to do is run your JetstreamHD app from your iPad and share the movie files, photos and music with your iPad or any other device that can connect to it trough wireless methods as an Wifi or a 3G connection or by USB cable, the hardware having to such connections.

During the shearing process you will be prompted with step by step confirmations and at the end you will be able to choose from the movies, movie series, photos, music or video category under which those files can be found when you access the JetstreamHD app from your iPad. Since your JetstreamHD hardware is attached to your router you will be able to also access your data from anyware you have an internet connection if you have the right data to input in your iPad app and of course if the pc’s from your home are turned on at the time.

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