Leostream Connect iPad App Leostream Connect iPad App Picture

Leostream Connect makes connecting an iPad with a desktop pc with windows installed on it a children’s play. And when I said a desktop pc I meant the Leostream desktops that are housed at a remote place. You can use them to keep data on them and to access it from anywhere. You can do so for free for 7 days and after that you will have to pay 20$ per month. The service is not under a contract that obliges you to pay for the service for a certain amount of time. The service will work for as long as you pay for it.

Leostream Connect iPad App Leostream Connect iPad App Picture

Although we tried some other programs that could establish such connections, the Leostream Connect app proved to be the best one since it offered security and you get to use windows applications on your iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. Imagine being able to see flash or adobe content from your favorite gadget and all that to be possible because the fact that you’re using a service offered by the developers of the program that makes all this possible, the Leostream Connect.

Leostream Connect iPad App Leostream Connect iPad App Picture

Although other applications that would help you get access to your desktop pc exist out there, Leostream Connect allows you to do this without the requirement of any other hardware like cables or what not.

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