Letter Jungle Children’s App Letter Jungle Children’s App Picture

Letter Jungle was only recently released on the Us. app store being realized by an European producer, a German expert in education, the Kinderbriefe GmbH to be exact. Just as every educational game out there, this one is also aimed at children.

The goal of this game is to place children in an environment that is familiar to them, having cartoon personages that ask them to do something for them. This way the children will be more receptive then to their parents. For example if a parent would ask his kid to go and write down something, the kid will say that he will rather watch Tv or play a game instead.

Letter Jungle Children’s App Letter Jungle Children’s App Picture

So since the kid is asked by the game personage to do something for them and it’s not a direct request to write something down, the kid will acknowledge the request as a game and he will try to help out as best as he can.

As the game starts the child will be presented with a graphical interface that is pleasing to the eye and that will motivate him to engage in the game by first asking him his name, thus becoming as close as they can, trying to create a bound between the character of the game and the children. Letter Jungle story is quite short and objective. There are some monkeys in the jungle that stolen the letters of the character inviting you to recover them.

Letter Jungle Children’s App Letter Jungle Children’s App Picture

The role of your children is to take the letter that are falling from the sky while being tied to balloons and drive them into the missing letters spots. In Letter Jungle, the length of the worlds, phrases and level depends on the skill level of the children that is playing Letter Jungle. The controls are intuitive and simple. All you have to do to control the landing of the letter carried by the balloon is to tilt the iPhone or iPad device and everything will go just smooth.

The beautiful almost hand made graphics are complemented by realistic sounds which accompany you along the path that you’re taking in completing this adventure. We recommend Letter Jungleapp for children that are both trying to learn how to read and for those that are trying to learn how to write. This is also a great alternative to other PC games that do nothing for your children except make them waste time and could provoke attention span problems later in life.And since it costs only 1.99$ that shouldn’t be a problem at all, at least not until you won’t be able to get your iPad or iPhone off from your childrens hands.

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