Grow Your Garden HD Grow Your Garden HD Picture

Grow Your Garden HD was developed and created for children by a company that is called Learning Yard. This iPad appcombines math with a great graphical representation. It is a very good alternative to PC games that may instill the wrong values in young, impressionable children whose personalities and intelligence are still forming.

You live in a big city and during the spring vacation you’re still working hard and you don’t have time to get your kids to your parents that live in the country side? Yet your kids love to spend their summer vacation with them even though there is not much that they can do and learn from being there in that season of the year?

Here is a great iPad app that will teach your kids both some gardening skills and math at the same time, thus making a great addition to your educational games that you store on your iPad. The Grow Your Garden HD lures children with its great graphical representation and its childish sounds.

Grow Your Garden HD Grow Your Garden HD Picture

The main goal of the Grow Your Garden HD is to introduce math to a children’s education trough a mean that is appealing to children and as easy to control as it is in real life even easier since you don’t have to get your hand dirty to use an iPad app and just do a few easy gestures on the screen of your gadget.

SO as soon as you start the Grow Your Garden HD, iPad app you are encountered with an easy to understand by children design and you can easily follow the interface menu in order to start growing your garden.

Grow Your Garden HD Grow Your Garden HD Picture

In order to grow your garden you will have to wet your flowers and grow them that way. The game becomes progressively more interesting since each flower from your garden requires a different amount of water.

And that will be easy from a mathematical point of view if you could give each one of them a drop of water at a time but the process is a bit more complex.

You will first start with a bucket with two drops of water and a flower with for drops of water as a requirement. There will always be a supply of water to refill your bucket. As the levels advance you are given both a bigger bucket and a flower requiring more water. However the trick is to not kill the flower by purring to much water. To serve this purpose you are given one additional bucket with a lower value like 2 or 3 drops so you can get your math right and solve the math puzzle.

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