A bad sector is usually announced through a warning message on your computer that may refer to files that you lost or are impossible to be read. A sector is part of a hard disk and a bad one is recognized by the fact that damages prevent you from writing or reading information from it. That piece of data you may never be able to recover but it is possible that the other part is not affected at all and it allows you to use the sector as a whole.

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One cause for the bad sectors is the weak domain or any reasons connected to mechanics. In case you happen to have a bad sector, your computer is likely to be impossible to be fixed. If the bad sectors are not solved, they may spread in the whole system and they can broke your data entirely.

Another reason for bad sectors is the wrong parity. When there is a problem in this part, ADRC can help you fix them by writing once again the wrong parities or even replacing the mistakes on the disk.

A very frequent reason for bad sectors is the break of Read Write head. When it becomes unable to receive the signals as it should, we can speak of this issue once again. Take the bad sectors as a clue for the crushing of the disk due to the overuse of it.

Once you have detected some errors on the disk, make sure your important stuff is protected and try to stop the loss of other data. Also, think about a specialist that could help you with the recovery of the data and do not complicate with solving the issue by yourself.

We have a CHKDSK solution offered by Windows Operating System that works like an antivirus. It scans your computer and helps you with the information, both when you write it and when the system reads it. If they are not similar, it means that there is a problem with the integrity of the content. The nest step will be to move the “virus” in a special place, specially made for irregularities.

In case you have Windows 98 and you are a ME user, click Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and then Scan Disk.

It is an easy way to protect your computer and is one of the best methods to fix hdd bad sectors!

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