Movie Mount is an iPad 2 app that comes with a Movie Mount Case which is part of an entire pack specifically designed for this app that has as its purpose to let you go and film videos at a higher quality.

You will find a screw plate for your Movie Mount Case that comes with the iPad 2 app. After you introduce your iPad 2 in the Movie Mount Case you can screw the tripod plate on the bottom of this case in the special holder. This is the most important piece from the design of this entire package since it is the piece around which every other piece revolves.

Movie Mount Case + iPad 2 App by Makayama Movie Mount Case + iPad 2 App by Makayama Picture

The Tripod is tall enough so you won’t have to bend your body in order to take a good quality video clip, yet it gets small enough to be easily carried with you in your trips.

The package of the Movie Mount Case comes with a visor, a spot light, a microphone and with two objectives that will definitely ease your job when you go ahead and work on the video that you took.

The solution that the case from Makayama offers to photographers that enjoy their iPad 2 so much that they can’t leave without it in their vacations and they don’t have enough space for a professional camera that can do quality videos as well is just amazing.

This entire package comes at the mere price of only 69.99$ while the iPad 2 app of the Movie Mount Case is free for download from the app store.

While the spot light helps improve the video quality of the video footage that you take during low lighting periods of the day on in dark rooms, the microphone helps improve the sound quality giving the footage a truly HD feel.

If you find yourself confronted with a difficult picture like the one of a large group you can use one of the lenses that are specially designed for a wide angle photography or filming. If you need to get footage of a boat that is going away you shouldn’t have any problem with that either since the zoom lenses will take care of that problem for you as well. The 9 degree angle of the tripod movement allows you to capture even the most difficult scenes with ease.

While all this is possible just because the Movie Mount Case, the iPad 2 app offers many possibilities of mounting the sequences that you took with your iPad 2 in a variety of styles.

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