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Are you a musician? Do you like to perform the Dj role at parties? Do you simply enjoy playing with music around? If the answer to any of those questions was yes then you need the newest Noisepad iPad App which despite the name that suggests that it does noise it actually creates music. More or less anyhow, being an iPad app the Noisepad program allows it’s user to truly mix and add different effects to the tracks that you own. By permitting you to even create new ones.

The producers of this software are also responsible for the production of the iPhonk which is a product created by MediaGROE. As you can see the producing company has some experience with the development of audio software for iPad. With that being said we are presenting you the Noisepad iPad App which is nothing less than a drum computer that carefully managed to incorporate a list of the best soundtracks and voice samples of the most known artist in the field. New tracks and voice samples are being added every day and can be downloaded from the app store either through the program itself or trough a different program.

Noisepad iPad App Noisepad iPad App Picture

Being able to be used on stage gives this intuitive program an edge in the eyes of musicians that like to create new vibes as they go with their show. Since the Noisepad iPad App allows you to do some cool mixing of a variety of files. You can choose to mix, enhance and even use the Noisepad iPad App as an sound bank to upload trough iTunes .waw files or .caf files and not to forget that you can also play with .mp3 files of different qualities at 22, 44 and 48 kHz in both stereo and mono formats.

Let’s see a few of the Noisepad iPad App features that are listed on the app store.
Delay, Pitch, Reverb are just a few of the sound effects that this program can handle. Delay, Phase, Cut – off are also possible with this new iPad app.

Noisepad iPad App Noisepad iPad App Picture

Double tapping the slider is going to reset the effect to the off position.
Not many iPad programs allow you to do more than one think on the same device for instance you can play a sound track in iTunes and use the Noisepad iPad App to you’ve guessed, make some noise.

You can even create a dry/wet effect with an intensity varying from 0 to 100%, and many more. Just trust me you will be amazed to see how many thinks this app can do.

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