OrganiDoc HD for iPad OrganiDoc HD for iPad Picture

OrganiDoc HD for iPad is exactly what I was looking for in my quest of having every file that I own on my iPad without using an external flash drive. Yes that is possible, now isn’t that great? Just imagine being able to have with you all the time the entire collection of music tracks that you have on your PC, or your favorite TV series so you can watch it as you please at the touch of your fingertip.

And that is not all you can have all your work with you in formats varying from .doc, .docx, etc. to .pdf and it’s all done with minimal effort. This is just one of the long list of features that the OrganicDoc HD app has to offer for us.

OrganiDoc HD for iPad OrganiDoc HD for iPad Picture

This program not only tat allows us to get everything we dream to have with us from the digital point of view, but it also proves to be an excellent file manager. You will have your files placed in the appropriate folders all marked and named accordingly to their respective contents.

You might think that yes it can do that but it won’t do it as I would. Actually it will do it exactly as you would since it will ask you for every file that you’re transferring to your iPad the destination where you want it to go. If OrganicDoc HD doesn’t make you remember the days of school when you used to have everything placed to it’s particular spot nothing else will.

OrganiDoc HD for iPad OrganiDoc HD for iPad Picture

You don’t have an USB attached to your iPad no worries the design of the OrganicDoc HD app allows it to connect to your pc trough a Wifi network.  If you choose to transfer pictures from your pc to your iPad they will be saved with all their details like format, resolution, exposure time, focus, iso, and of course date and time.

To make sure you have everything you need the program even allows the transfer of zip files. And just in case you might run out of space, OrganicDoc HD allows the transfer of files directly to Google docs, Dropbox, or other less popular sky disks such as MobileMe, or iDisk, soonr etc. So basicly you can still acces all your files from the same device but also from the same program.

While your audio and video files are automatically transformed to their new formats if necessary on your iPad you can still play a different video or musical file on your device.

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