Although nowadays almost everybody has a personal computer at home, there are some situations in which it becomes a course for you, rather than a blessing. It is the case of fixing the old tools. This is why in this article we are going to teach you how to install a hard drive. Even if for many of you it may seem extremely difficult, the reality is completely different. You […]

I would say that the easiest way to fix a pc is to determinate what’s wrong with it, if you can and replace the broken component with a new one if it fits. You might find it easier to just call in a computer technician to assist you by solving your problem and just pay him and be done with it. But just as well you might find out that […]

Dolphin HD Browser iPad app is the newest browsing solution for iPad that looks verry promising compared to the alternative. Although the iPad comes with an integrated browsing solution, the Safari web browser that comes in as the default application seems to lack the tab function that is essential to anyone that likes to browse on more then one webpage at a time. Mobo Tap has lofty plans for its […]

The Air Sketch Ipad app is wonderful app that can help you both in your personal life with your family at home and with your job especially if you have a job that requires you to interact with a public. Air Sketch, is an iPad app that allows you to do the most amazing think that you could do when you’re presenting a document to an audience, it allows you to […]

After years of waiting you can finally be able to recreate Hollywood movie effects with just a few finger gestures.  The Cool iPad 2 App-Action Movie FX is the only application that allows you to do such mind blowing modifications to a video clip that you can take on the spot is simply impressive. This software is both intuitive and easy to use not to mention that besides the fact […]

Beaver’s Revenge is the newest addictive game that you can get for your iPad 2. It is a colorful, entertaining and fun little app that will prove mind blowing once you try it for the first time. The genre of this game is similar to the genre of the most popular game of the phone and tablet market. As a newer and more interesting version of the Angry birds game, […]

Developed by the Californian Company the Painting with Time App is truly worthy of being developed by an award winning company such as the Red hill studios. The Painting with Time App is truly amazing what it does is exactly what its name state it should do which is painting with time. How is that possible you ask? Well it required some ingenious work from its designers but it played […]

Are you a musician? Do you like to perform the Dj role at parties? Do you simply enjoy playing with music around? If the answer to any of those questions was yes then you need the newest Noisepad iPad App which despite the name that suggests that it does noise it actually creates music. More or less anyhow, being an iPad app the Noisepad program allows it’s user to truly […]

Due to the fact that the identity theft is at its top in this ever-growing informatics universe we chose the Passtouch Web Browser iPad app to help you with your need of protection for the day to day use of your iPad. Passtouch Web Browser is a great tool for anyone that wants to get the most out of his iPad. As you can figure from its name this iPad […]

7Notes HD iPad App is officially my best friend starting from today. I tried out some different note taking apps for iPad us and I was so disappointed in them that they aren’t even worthy of receiving their names here. I’m going to let you know what fascinated me so much about 7Notes iPad App. Well I was at a meeting and I was taking notes as usually when I […]

The Rhythm Studio App for iPad is a tool for musicians that is a fact since it’s complexity exceeds my knowledge. I admit I’m not a musician myself but I enjoy messing around with my melodies. So when I so this app I tot I should give it a try and I don’t regret spending the 0.99$ when I so the limited time offer on it. The Developers of this […]

Leostream Connect makes connecting an iPad with a desktop pc with windows installed on it a children’s play. And when I said a desktop pc I meant the Leostream desktops that are housed at a remote place. You can use them to keep data on them and to access it from anywhere. You can do so for free for 7 days and after that you will have to pay 20$ […]

The Weather Channel is the program you want to have with you everywhere you go no matter if you’re just going to work or if you’re going to the supermarket or if you’re coming home from work, you must always know how the wetter is outside so you can know what to tell your family. Since you’re not going to have time to watch Tv in the morning and find […]

Cloud-Word App for iPad presents us with a relaxed interface that allows us to easily create, modify and send our text documents trough e-mail with just a few finger movements. Considering that the graphical representation of the Cloud-Word App for iPad are so childish it is hard to believe and to understand that the main focus of this app is to be used to type text and not to give […]

The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad after this game was played for over a decade on different platforms. This Gameloft game was originally released over 40 years ago and it features a family that travels in the 1800’s gold rush period from Missouri to Oregon in search for a better life. Although 40 years have passed from the time of the original release of this game, the graphics of […]

Why Go for a Lightwe

Why go for a lightweight laptop? If this is what you are wondering, then you must know that this model is one of the most popular ones, these days. By knowing what are the advantages of using this type of laptop you will certainly understand why this model is a highly recommended one.

Blu-Ray’s Advanta

Recently the famous companies Sony and Phillips have launched a […]

High Def iPad App Ga

Anomaly Warzone Earth, is an iPad app dezigned to allow […]

How to Make Computer

There are many things that can cause your computer to wait a couple of minutes before following your commands, and the most commonly known threats are spyware and viruses that hide within your computer operating system and also occupy memory space, so the best thing you can do in learning how to make computer faster is to purchase virus and spyware removal tools and add more RAM.

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We all have our favorite videos and loved songs that […]

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