A few days ago the launch of the Shared Paper Lite iPad app started a revolution among the video presentation market for personal devices. What did a program managed to bring to the user of the iPad that is so innovative and great that managed to have such a notable impact? Nothing particular it just managed to add the utility of a laptop in a hand held device… Simply put, […]

JetstreamHD is an iPad app that is trying to revolutionize the way you get your video and music files form your home pc’s to your iPad. Everyone hates it to have to plug the iPad and to wait and wait for the files to be converted and copied into a viewable format onto your iPad. But thankfully the JetstreamHD iPad app is here to change that and give you something […]

OrganiDoc HD for iPad is exactly what I was looking for in my quest of having every file that I own on my iPad without using an external flash drive. Yes that is possible, now isn’t that great? Just imagine being able to have with you all the time the entire collection of music tracks that you have on your PC, or your favorite TV series so you can watch […]

Pomodoro App for iPad is the ideal iPad app for anyone that wants to make the most out of it’s time. This iPad app is based on the Pomodoro concept which is a well known time management program. The concept is as simple as even a 10 year old could understand it and be able to use it. It’s a system of managing a daily agenda of tasks that you […]

TomTom GPS is one of the best GPS solutions that are out there and we are verry happy to announce that this app is finally available for iPad as well. In case you don’t realize what that means, we’ll state the obvious. Since this is an application especially designed for people with cars that need to get from one place to another the fastest that they can, the newest version […]

Air Display is the latest iPad app that Avatron Software developed and it seems to be a great solution for persons that can’t work without their second monitor attached to their pc. Some might think that it’s just for fashion but that is not always the case. Maybe we can’t explain it with facts solid enough for you but if you are a windows user and you finally experience Mac […]

Ever wandered why do you wait for five minutes every time you start your pc? It matters not, I’ll let you know anyhow. Actually let’s find out together. Go to start, run and type in regedit then press enter. You will notice a small program opening up. You might wander what on earth is this, what is it with all these folders and files with funny names. Actually that small […]

If you already have a computer, I am sure that you have already faced the problem of virus attacks. You might have been extremely angry probably because it attacked most of your files or your attitude must have been rather depressed regarding your lack of good luck. For the future situations we have prepared certain pieces of advice for you regarding how to protect a computer from viruses. We already […]

We all have computers and due to the high development of technology, there appeared some specialized screens called LCD. But it is not enough for the technology to reach a higher standard, because from time to time it may happen to meet certain problems. For example, don’t panic if your computer stucks. First of all, let me make a picture to you about this issue. You will be easily able […]

A bad sector is usually announced through a warning message on your computer that may refer to files that you lost or are impossible to be read. A sector is part of a hard disk and a bad one is recognized by the fact that damages prevent you from writing or reading information from it. That piece of data you may never be able to recover but it is possible […]

Who wants to lose important details from their computer? Nobody! Mainly if we refer to people who work with the software that processes the word. If it happens to you to lose the data you have on your computer without having saved it first or if you have tried hard for a couple of days to work on something and an unexpected event caused the loss of your project, you […]

You will automatically diagnose a slow computer by simply turning it on every day. You will notice over time as it starts running slower ad slower. Another way of diagnosing how slow your computer is, it by comparing it to a similar one. You will notice that there is a difference in pc reaction times even between two identical systems where one of them has programs installed and the other […]

How many times did it happen to you to lose part of your important data and you felt extremely angry but you could not do anything in order to fix it? For example, you are searching for some special data in your computer and suddenly you cannot find it anymore. It is saved somewhere, but using normal methods, it is impossible for you to access it. The hard disk data […]

Why Go for a Lightwe

Why go for a lightweight laptop? If this is what you are wondering, then you must know that this model is one of the most popular ones, these days. By knowing what are the advantages of using this type of laptop you will certainly understand why this model is a highly recommended one.

Blu-Ray’s Advanta

Recently the famous companies Sony and Phillips have launched a […]

High Def iPad App Ga

Anomaly Warzone Earth, is an iPad app dezigned to allow […]

How to Make Computer

There are many things that can cause your computer to wait a couple of minutes before following your commands, and the most commonly known threats are spyware and viruses that hide within your computer operating system and also occupy memory space, so the best thing you can do in learning how to make computer faster is to purchase virus and spyware removal tools and add more RAM.

Try 2conv.com for yo

We all have our favorite videos and loved songs that […]

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