Painting with Time App Painting with Time App Picture

Developed by the Californian Company the Painting with Time App is truly worthy of being developed by an award winning company such as the Red hill studios. The Painting with Time App is truly amazing what it does is exactly what its name state it should do which is painting with time. How is that possible you ask? Well it required some ingenious work from its designers but it played up just fine. The company is mostly developing design software, web design, flash applications but among those they also did the Exploring Time documentaries.

The theory was to create a program that allows the user to manipulate time with his finger tips. Now that just sounds to be true. Since when does an iPad application that is called Painting with Time App allows us to do just that? Ok maybe we went a bit too far by saying that you can manipulate time with your fingertips but it is true. You can actually drag and drop or move time from one side to the other with a simple gesture. It is true that you can only do that on an iPad in a digital format but still you’re playing with time just as a children plays with his toys.

Painting with Time App Painting with Time App Picture

The Painting with Time App was actually designed mostly for children since they are the ones most interested on the effects of time passing by. The software presents itself with 14 image sets that allow you to customize them by changing the time at which they were took. For example there is a picture of a landscape that it was captured in different seasons that is truly amazing. The differences just make you stop and wander for a few moments.

There is also the picture of a man and of a woman showing the aging process on their faces. The cool, entertaining and intriguing part of the program is that it allows you to manipulate the time on the picture only where you touch it while the other parts of the picture remain the same.

There are many ways to manipulate time in Painting with Time App for iPad. You can chose one of the eight preset brushes and if that wasn’t enough you can even slice the picture in one of the tree presets modes, but the Painting with Time App also offers you the possibility to make your own preset slicer.

With the Painting with Time App you have the possibility to paint, reveal, slice and shift time around as you please, making it a kids job for even a 7 year old.

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