Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad Picture
Due to the fact that the identity theft is at its top in this ever-growing informatics universe we chose the Passtouch Web Browser iPad app to help you with your need of protection for the day to day use of your iPad.

Passtouch Web Browser is a great tool for anyone that wants to get the most out of his iPad. As you can figure from its name this iPad app is a web browser. You might think that this is just another web browser but it’s so much more.

This incredible iPad app allows the use of more than one user on a single iPad device. You would say that yes but any iPad web browser allows the use of multiple users on it. And that is true but the trick is that this iPad app allows them to do more; the Passtouch Web Browser allows multiple users to make use of the same device without ever compromising any of the private information of the previous user.

Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad Picture

How is that possible you’re asking? Well, the developers of Passtouch iPad Web Browser came up with an ingenious solution for their iPad app. They made this app in such a way that it allows users to keep all their favorite websites in a bookmarking space only available to them. The bookmarks can contain password protected sites that if you choose so they can have their passwords memorized and once you’ve done so you can access them by just a simple tap on the specific bookmark.

Still I haven’t told you how you will be able to separate all this from the different users of the same device. This iPad app has a solution for that problem that is not just easy but it’s also just a tap away. The Passtouch Web Browser can be locked with just a tap on the easy to see locket. That will save all your opened Web Pages and will get the iPad app at its starting menu.

Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad Passtouch Web Browser App for iPad Picture

This is the interesting part, all the cool stuff of this iPad app is on the starting menu, it is what makes it different then every other web browser out there. The main menu of this iPad app is a screen which allows you to become a new user or introduce your password. But your password is not a password.

The way you introduce your password is ingenious, you have to draw with your finger a continuous line. The first time that you will do this you will be able to see the line that you draw but after you chose it as your password this won’t be visible anymore when you introduce it.

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