Pomodoro App for iPad Helps Productivity Pomodoro App for iPad Helps Productivity Picture

Pomodoro App for iPad is the ideal iPad app for anyone that wants to make the most out of it’s time. This iPad app is based on the Pomodoro concept which is a well known time management program.

The concept is as simple as even a 10 year old could understand it and be able to use it. It’s a system of managing a daily agenda of tasks that you want to finish in a specific time frame. The system is designed in such a way that you can take a break of 5 minutes after you finish each of your tasks and after a set of five pomodoros, where one pomodoro lasts 25, time in which you should finish a task from your agenda you get to take a longer break of 25 minutes.

Pomodoro App for iPad Helps Productivity Pomodoro App for iPad Helps Productivity Picture

Now you would say that yes but if we just want to time our daily activities we can do so with a timer. True but this is not a timer it is an agenda as well and besides the soul fact that it is an iPad app is good enough reason to leave behind the analog timer in the drawer.

The interface of the Pomodoro App was cleverly designed for easy use and a relaxing atmosphere bringing. With its wood design, this iPad app manages to quickly give you all the info that you might desire.

Pomodoro App for iPad Helps Productivity Pomodoro App for iPad Helps Productivity Picture

You need this iPad app if you want to improve your productivity be it at work or at school when you’re making your homework. How will the Pomodoro App do this for you? It will not only tick every second to make you stay alert but it will also ring once your time is up. Besides if you manage to follow the instruction correctly and actually do what you are suppose to do you will be happier at the end of your day when the agenda is empty and you noticed how much time you spared.

You can manage your agenda by a simple taps of the touch screen of your iPad. Doing so will allow you to manage exactly how many pomodoros you want to allocate to each task on your schedule. At the end of the day the Pomodoro App, will give you info on how many pomodoros you have planed to use on every task and the number of pomodoros that you have used for each of them. This will thus help you manage better your time for the next time you have those tasks.

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