Rhythm Studio App for iPad Rhythm Studio App for iPad Picture

The Rhythm Studio App for iPad is a tool for musicians that is a fact since it’s complexity exceeds my knowledge. I admit I’m not a musician myself but I enjoy messing around with my melodies. So when I so this app I tot I should give it a try and I don’t regret spending the 0.99$ when I so the limited time offer on it.

The Developers of this program took their time when they created this marvelous application since it has outstanding graphics and crystal clear sounds. Not to mention that it has a TB-303 synth and a TR-808 drum machine integrated in its design.

Rhythm Studio App for iPad Rhythm Studio App for iPad Picture

Due to the fact that all the instruments of a real studio are meticulously rendered in a 3D environment on the HD touch screen of the iPad the design and order in which they are displayed make the interface of the Rhythm Studio App for iPad a verry intuitive one even for a beginner in the musical field.

I tried my best to figure out how to use the different instruments that were placed at my disposal but I only managed to get some lame sounds. I did manage to make them sound better after half an hour of messing with the settings but I still felt that this program has more to offer so I went with my iPad to my friend John who is a part time Dj at a cub down town.

Rhythm Studio App for iPad Rhythm Studio App for iPad Picture

Once I showed him the program he immediately placed a smug smile on his face and you could literally see a sparkle in the corner of his eye. I asked him to talk me trough what he was doing. And he told me that there are only tree easy steps that I have to follow in order to get some decent sounds. First you will use the step sequencer that looks exactly like the real hardware, then you will utilize the control bad to introduce the synths live and then you will instantly create a random pattern.

Since you can both import and export tracks that you or your friends created directly trough Rhythm Studio iPad app form iTunes, this app is one of the best if not the best music creation apps on the market in this moment. My friend also pointed out the fact that this exquisite piece of software also comes with a 14 page manual that can guide you step by step on how to use every function that you may stumble across.

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