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A few days ago the launch of the Shared Paper Lite iPad app started a revolution among the video presentation market for personal devices. What did a program managed to bring to the user of the iPad that is so innovative and great that managed to have such a notable impact? Nothing particular it just managed to add the utility of a laptop in a hand held device…

Simply put, this ingenious app allows the users to not only share a document over a wireless network with another similar device, but it allows more than one persons to simultaneously work on the same document and the information is shared among them almost instantly.

As you can imagine the implementations of such an application as the Shared Paper Lite are virtually countless. As for the presentation segment this is an innovation s big as the invention of the weal in the human evolution.

Shared Paper Lite Shared Paper Lite Picture

One of the interesting concepts that we are presented with by the Shared Paper Lite is the one that it allows us to not simply write or make adjustments of numbers in a document but it also allows us to change colors in diagrams or even place arrows and zoom in and write notes on different parts of the document that we’re presenting.

If all that didn’t sold you the idea just yet just imagine being able to do this on the same canvas as your assistant or your fellow co worker that utilizes a different iPad tablet in different room . Imagine the time you’ll spare with the Shared Paper Lite just by already knowing what your assistant thinks of the move you’re doing on the spot.

Shared Paper Lite Shared Paper Lite Picture

And wait this is not all. The best part is still to come. You can use the Shared Paper Lite on your iPad or iPad 2 and you can export the entire presentation in different formats including the .pdf format for PowerPoint slides that can even be zoomed slides. You can also export the Shared Paper Lite presentation as a image file. And since this amazing application incorporates the new Airplay technology you can stream the presentation directly to a TV set or to a big Monitor.

If you want to benefit for all the features that Shared Paper Lite can place at your disposal and enable more than 25 objects at a time and more than 3 active documents on the same season you will have to acquire the full version of the program from iTunes.

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