Zoho Supports is a web based help desk software that allows you to communicate with your clients in the most effective manner. By using this software, your agents can document the most relevant parts of the discussion with a client in order to find the best solutions. Furthermore this support tool has many features that will change the way that everybody views customer support. It offers great solutions for the company, the agents as well as the customers.

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1. Agents advantages

This software has numerous components that allow you to deliver the best customer support services. It is very useful to the support agents as it allows them to be more organized and efficient with minimum effort. By using ticket management they can organize and prioritize requests in order to handle them in a productive way. It also allows them to find the right documents in a matter of seconds as the software also has a tool for storing contracts. Furthermore on Zoho Support you can even post a product catalog so that the agents can quickly find the characteristics of a product debated in a conversation. As you can see this software is very useful for the agent productivity which means that your company will earn and save a lot of time and money.

2. Customer advantages

One of the most important issues in the customer support department is the customer’s opinion. Well by using this customer service software your customers will benefit from a complex support experience. Zoho support can be connected to social networks so that you can communicate with your customers through their favorite channel. You can also create a support portal where customers can communicate with each other as well as submit requests. The better your support experience is the more chances you will have of keeping your customers loyal. The more satisfied customers you have, the more chances your company will have for expanding.

3. Business advantages

Last but not least this support software also has features that ease the job of a department manager. As a coordinator you can use this tool in order to monitor your customer support department. You can track agents’ performances, ticket activity, request response time and many more. By constantly improving the support experience you will always have accurate information that will allow you to improve and expand you business. Furthermore you can also customize your help desk in order for it to reflect your company’s image. This way you will not only have a resourceful help desk but you will also have a personalized one that reflects the brand’s concepts.

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