The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad Picture

The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad after this game was played for over a decade on different platforms. This Gameloft game was originally released over 40 years ago and it features a family that travels in the 1800’s gold rush period from Missouri to Oregon in search for a better life.

Although 40 years have passed from the time of the original release of this game, the graphics of this game haven’t improved as much as we would have loved it to improve. The Oregon Trail Classic Game is not just an ordinary game for children it actually is a teaching game that manages to educate children about some general history.

The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad Picture

Once you start playing this educational game you will find it hard to unglue yourself from your iPad. The Oregon Trail Classic Game offers us the opportunity to witness and guide the journey that this family is taking in their search for gold. The interface is intuitive and due to the fact that you can play the game from a gadget like the iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone as long as they have an XOS version of 2.2.1 or later you will be able to enjoy the entire experience more closely since you will have to use your touch to control most of the actions that take place in The Oregon Trail Classic Game.

In order for your family to succeed in getting to it’s destination you will be presented with a set of problems that you must complete in order to go further. For example you will have to cure one of your family members of a common disease that took the lives of millions of people back in the 1800 years. You can choose to continue with your journey, stop the journey or search for help; these choices you make will determine how long your adventure will be in The Oregon Trail Classic Game for iPad.

The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad The Oregon Trail Classic Game hits iPad Picture

The main story of the game is dotted with a variety of side games that are each unique and educating. These games tend to be more orientated to eye to hand coordination and agility. You will have to hunt rabbits, fish some fish from the river or gather berries for food or you will be presented with other interesting mini games that will require you to search for gold lumps in the waters of a river or tap some boxes in a certain order for a reword.

Along your journey you will also be presented with the option to shop for different supplies in the towns that you will pass trough.

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