The Weather Channel iPad The Weather Channel iPad Picture

The Weather Channel is the program you want to have with you everywhere you go no matter if you’re just going to work or if you’re going to the supermarket or if you’re coming home from work, you must always know how the wetter is outside so you can know what to tell your family.

Since you’re not going to have time to watch Tv in the morning and find out what the weather will be out you can just open The Weather Channel on your iPad while you’re taking your breakfast.

This wonderful app will not just give you the maximum temperature of the day but will actually give you all the information that you need. It will inform you of the temperature that there is outside in the particular moment that you’re checking and it will also inform you on the other periods of the day.

The Weather Channel iPad The Weather Channel iPad Picture

If you’re running this app on an iPad2 then you will benefit of the full use of it’s hardware when the Weather Channel iPad app will fill your screen with useful information in a very appealing way trough the means of a colorful and fresh design represented by an animated background of the weather that is outside in your region in that particular moment. If you don’t have an iPad2 then the background will be replaced by an HD picture instead.

Not only that you will be able to know how the weather is in your side of the country but trough the use of a interactive spinning globe you can witness weather events as they happen across the entire world due to the fact that you are presented with an in-motion radar map.

The Weather Channel iPad The Weather Channel iPad Picture

And if that wasn’t enough you also have the opportunity to receive all the tweets, Facebook posts and iWitiness posts of videos or pictures directly from the Weather Channel on your iPad2. This way you have at your disposal not only the temperature but also the atmospheric pressure and humidity as well as wind velocity and a percentage value of the chance of precipitations.

This app can easily be downloaded from the app store and it is also free for the moment at least. If you want to have a portable warning system with you all the time you can use the Weather Channel and at least for what weather is regarded you are settled since this program can send out alerts to you in case of severe weather in your region.

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