Who wants to lose important details from their computer? Nobody! Mainly if we refer to people who work with the software that processes the word. If it happens to you to lose the data you have on your computer without having saved it first or if you have tried hard for a couple of days to work on something and an unexpected event caused the loss of your project, you are definitely extremely frustrated. We totally understand you.

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At least once, every one of us needed to have his lost documents back and at that time it was too late. The effect was already done and there didn’t seem to be anything to do in order to fix it. These being said, we present to you a few tips to prevent data loss.

  • You should keep your files in a different drive from the system on which your computer operates. The worst idea is to store your data in My Documents, because it will be the first place that the virus will attack, as part of the operating system. You have to format the system once again and it leads to losing all your files stored there.
  • You don’t have to install another hard-drive hoping that the issue will be solved.
  • Buy a hard drive that can be placed in the exterior. You attach it to your computer via a USB or a special wire and this is it.
  • Using an external hard-drive you can select the folders you are interested in and the device will do its job. Maxtor’s general 200GB is a good option in this case.
  • You can use a floppy disc, a CD, a DVD or a USB stick in order to keep your documents safe. However, the floppy discs stopped from being a solution because in these modern times less and less people use them and it’s expected to disappear in a few years completely.
  • Move the location of your files from time to time.
  • Again, take care of the attachments you receive in your e-mails! They are the first responsible for data loss! If you save your attachments, make sure you store them in a safe place.
  • Press F12 when you start working, so that your new document is already saved. In this way if something happens and you don’t know how to recover your work, this may help you restore it easily.


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