TomTom GPS for iPad TomTom GPS for iPad Picture

TomTom GPS is one of the best GPS solutions that are out there and we are verry happy to announce that this app is finally available for iPad as well. In case you don’t realize what that means, we’ll state the obvious.

Since this is an application especially designed for people with cars that need to get from one place to another the fastest that they can, the newest version of TomTom GPS that is available for iPad as well also requires the access to a GPS network in order to properly display the information that he should.

You connect your iPad to your iPhone 4 and since the devices both utilize the same Os system they can share the network connection required by the Tom Tom GPS iPad app to work. Or you could get your TomTom GPS app on an iPad version that has access to a 3G network.

TomTom GPS for iPad TomTom GPS for iPad Picture

Why wouldn’t you just leave the TomTom GPS app on your iPhone 4 instead if you have to connect that gadget as well for it to work? The answer is quite simple. Why would you strive to see what road shall you follow in order to get to your destination on a small screen like the one of an iPhone when you could use the generous display of 10” of an iPad.

There are a few notable improvements that were implemented in the latest version of the TomTom GPS iPad app, like the improved graphic details and the interface interaction. You can now access a driver perspective of the road ahead by just tapping the big screen of your iPad; or you can tap the screen a few more times and you can get an alternate route to your destination.

TomTom GPS for iPad TomTom GPS for iPad Picture

The software updates itself more frequently since the last update; this way making sure it stays up to date with the continuous changes that happen on roads worldwide. You can benefit from all these features that the TomTom GPS app has to offer by going online and purchasing the app from the app store for only 59.99$. However, if you already have the TomTom GPS app on say your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S you can easily transfer the subscription from one gadget to the other since both the iPad and the iPhone have the same operating system.  You won’t be disappointed by this wonderful application if you find yourself in a new place and you want to get info on how to get back home the safest and fastest way possible.

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