We all have our favorite videos and loved songs that we could listen to hours on end. Downloading music files from the web has become a real issue and many Internet users have found themselves facing many troubleshoots because of the downloads, so converting videos to different music file formats has gained a lot of ground. Now, there are plenty of discussions and debates on blogs and forums with regard to video to mp3 converters available online, their reliability, legality and other such aspects and, while one has to be careful in accessing some of these sites, I have found a great tool in this direction. 2conv.com is a strong website and a reliable platform that performs fast conversions and no redirects. The first thing that attracted me to this site was the fact that it works well in all browser. I use Google Chrome on my work laptop and Safari on my iMac at home and there was no difference of performance between the two browsers what so ever.


A good and reliable mp3 converter can really make your day, especially when you really want to download the latest song from your favorite band onto your mp3 player or iPod. 2conv is an online platform and requires no downloading of software or anything, except of course for the converted file, to your computer, so you can be sure not to face any malware and risk damage your computer. Furthermore, it is free of charge. Now, it does offer the chance to become a premium user, which implies a fee, but also comes with certain benefits. As a premium user, you have no limit when it comes to the number of conversions you’re allowed each day, you can convert video to mp3 a lot faster, as premium accounts benefit from a separate server, and you have 10 additional output formats and 30 additional video portals. While YouTube is the most popular video platform that Internet users access, you may, at some point, want to convert a video from Myspace, Metacafe, Facebook or any other. 2conv allows you to do so and provides you with a variety of output formats, including mp3, Windows DivX, iPod, iPhone, Idivx, ogg and 3gp. You can convert files either by entering the URL of the video in the provided space on the site or by uploading a video.


The great advantage of 2conv.com is that it addresses both users who only need a free YouTube converter for a song or two from time to time and users who wish to convert different types of videos into various formats and would like a music converter that allows them to convert a large number of files a day. It is easy to use and protects the privacy of the users, being completely safe and legal to use it. Furthermore, it runs smoothly and quickly, so that you can have your converted file within a few minutes. You can download it to your PC, send it by email or instant messaging or share it with friends. Premium users can store files for unlimited periods of time.

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We all have our favorite videos and loved songs that […]

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